Monday, April 19, 2010

Answer the phone!

Don't you hate it when you call some one, and they don't answer the phone? Don't you hate it even more when that person has your child? And the last time you heard, that child had strep throat and a 102 degree fever with vomiting? Really though, how hard is it to answer my phone call? Why must I call you four times(through out the week) AND send you a text message before you finally decide to call me back? Don't tell me you have been busy. I know if it was your mom or your husband or friend or some other family member, you would answer the phone. Or if you really couldn't answer their phone call, you would return their call in a timely manner. So why is it that you are too busy to answer/return MY calls? Why is it that you are too busy for us to come up for a visit, when you have other people over all the time? Must I remind you, that if it wasn't for me (and R), you wouldn't even have Robbie?
All I want is to be treated with a little more respect, a little more importance. You say R and I are so important, because we are Robbie's birth parents, and it's important for us to always be a part of his life and stay in contact. So why does it seem like you really don't give a fudge about us? Like you don't really want us around? Honestly, I feel if you are too busy to answer my phone calls or schedule visits or send us updates and pictures, then maybe you shouldn't have adopted... Or at least you shouldn't have entered into an "open" adoption.

I'm not asking you to send me a five page essay every day on how life is going, I'm just asking you to answer my dang phone call.

Disclaimer: I really DO like my sons A-mom, I mean if I didn't I would have chosen a different family! She is a great mother, and over all she is a great person. I just wish she was better at maintaining contact.

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