Friday, August 20, 2010

Still A Mom

Yesterday, my family watched my 2 ½ month old niece so my brother and his wife could have some time off. Shortly after they dropped her off, my grandmother and I got into a dispute over something related to the baby. I knew I was right, but just to appease my grandmother I called my brother and asked.

He said this, “Don’t listen to her, you’re a mom. You know what you’re doing.”

You know what? He’s right. I may not be a mom in the usual sense, but I still have my mommy skills. That comment made my day J


LeMira said...

That just made me smile! I love it!

Meg and Ken said...

awwww, your brother ROCKS!! He's right!

Sheyann said...

Agree whole-heartedly! What a great brother!

Leah W said...

you have an awesome brother. :)

Karine said...

hope you don't mind that I put your blog on my blog that it is one of my favorites to read ;)

Janessa said...

I love comments like that! Or random mothers day cards that you aren't expecting :)


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