Monday, February 14, 2011


This last week, a very awesome friend of mine adopted a baby boy. Well, they are in the process of adopting him.
I am overjoyed that things seem to be working out for them, that they are getting a chance to complete their family. I know they will be great parents to this little boy and that his birth parents will always be kept in very close contact and treated with the utmost respect. However, I feel so sad at the same time. I can’t help but think of the first parents and what they must be going through right now. My heart aches for them, and I wish that they didn’t have to suffer through this tremendous loss. I wish I could be there for them, wrap my arms around them, and let them know that eventually, one day, it will be OK again. I want to tell them not to worry, because their son’s adoptive parents are truly amazing and will always keep every promise they make, and then some. I want to assure them they will always be a huge part of their birth son’s life, because I know my friend wouldn’t have it any other way.
So to the first parents of this beautiful little boy- you may not ever read this, but I am sending hugs, thoughts, and prayers your way.


LeMira said...

And this is one of the reason why I just love you!

And I know those friends hearts are breaking for the birth parents as well. That's just their way.

Meg and Ken said...

awwww Ash! Thank you.
This is the hard part, being the happiest you can be because your dreams are coming true but having your heart break at the same time.
Lets just say I was complete mess, that the nurse had to take me into the nurses station to calm down. She said to me "your happy and sad at the same time huh?" Boy did she get that right!
Like you said we will always honor our promises. We love his birth parents with all of our hearts and we always want them a part of our lives and our family. They are his parents too.
ohhhh and just some info, we got invited to their wedding next year!!!!! can you say excited.
thank you again for this, i will show it to them.
sorry 4 typos, baby on lap lol.


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