Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simply Perfect

Today we got everyone together for a cook out/picnic at a local park. When I say "everyone", I mean everyone! We had my mom and her boyfriend, my sister, my brother and his daughter; M, J, and Robbie; H, K, AW, and William- All in the same place at the same time! Unfortunately, S had to work and my sister in law wasn't feeling well, but other than that we had my entire immediate family there! I just couldn't believe that I had all of my favorite people together at the same time. Everything went so smoothly- All of the food turned out perfectly, everyone arrived on time, the weather was perfect, everyone got along wonderfully, and most amazingly- there was not a single melt down from any of the kids(or the adults, for that matter)!
The entire get together was so much fun. Everyone talked, laughed, ate, and took turns holding and playing with all of the different babies and children. AW and J instantly became BFF's- As soon as they introduced themselves to each other they were inseparable, and spent the rest of the day playing together and talking about their "baby brothers". Robbie went back and forth between tagging along with J and AW, hanging out with the adults and babies. My 10 month old niece absolutely adored William. She would wave to him, poke him(nicely, of course!), and "talk" to him every time she was near him. She was completely fascinated by him! 

There simply aren't words for how amazing today was, so instead, I'll just let the pictures do the talking for me...

 My siblings, my brothers daughter Alexandria, and William

                Greg and William

   AW playing with my niece, Alexandria

The group

  And again....
 My sister (holding our niece), my brother (holding William), me (holding Robbie)

   Getting into trouble :)

   It's true :) (you can buy this shirt HERE)

      M holding William
Little brother- Big brother
 AW & J -BFF's

 The boys
       Being saucy- He comes by it naturally

              Trying to run away with my sweet tea
My boys!


mamamargie said...

You're right! Too cute for words! Glad to see everyone together - as it should be. :)

Dan.Eliot said...

You have a great family there! Enjoy....

help for single Dads

Anonymous said...
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WP said...

Found your blog through your recent AV post linking to it. Sounds like a lovely day! : )

Amy said...

Beautiful family! I want to know where you found the, I get my good looks, onsie?

Not Just A Birth Mom said...

Thanks everyone!

@Amy- I bought it from The R House Couture (

MamaFoster said...

that is so awesome! you do make very beautiful babies :)

Heather Jean said...

Your boys are absolutely gorgeous and it looks like everyone had a blast. So happy for you! <3

Mommy, RN said...

You look wonderful, as always! What a great day! So glad to see so many smiles and everyone enjoying themselves.


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