Friday, June 11, 2010

Work in progress...

Blogger has made some changes that are affecting the appearance of my blog. So I've decided to redo the whole thing. Please bear with me while I slowly make these changes. I promise, it won't be tacky like this for long!


Leah W said...

funny that u were the first one to post a comment on my blog are the only one i check on today AND I had to come back to read all of your post about them not telling your son he is adopted until he is 5.

may i just say-what are they thinking? it would be MUCH better for them to grow up always knowing that they are adopted and not finding out this "secret" that will make them feel like being adopted is something that should be hidden.

Let's hope they change their mind before he notices.

Not Just A Birth Mom said...

Oh trust me honey, you are preaching to the choir! I am sooo against this decision of theirs. It's weird though. They talk about adoption all the time, they know what adoption is (in fact when we were giving the boys a bath one time, J exclaimed to me, "I'm an adopted fish!" So I know he knows and understands adoption, he just doesn't know HE is adopted). It's like they are doing everything they are supposed to by talking about adoption issues, but still managing to not tell them they are adopted. Like I said, it's weird.

Btw, I hope you all are enjoying your new nephews! They are just the cutest little things :)


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